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Injured in a Kansas City Car Accident?

Let me offer you some free advice from an attorney who handles these cases everyday.

If you’ve been injured in a Missouri car crash or truck accident, I know you are concerned and worried about:

  1. wondering if you can get fair compensation for your injuries;

  2. trying to get your medical bills paid;

  3. wondering if you can get any compensation for your pain and suffering caused by someone else;

  4. not knowing who to trust to help you though this.

    And that’s a shame, because at a time like this, the most important thing for you to focus your time and effort on is taking care of yourself – that is -treating your pain, and recovering from your injures. There are very few things in life more important than your own health.

    I can take care of the first 4 concerns and leave you to focus on your health and recovery.

    Here’s why.

    My name is Mike Fatall, and I am a personal injury lawyer who handles Missouri car accident and Kansas car accident cases every day for over 20 years.  I help clients just like you receive fair and just compensation for injuries they’ve suffered due to someone else’s negligent driving – from the most serious auto accidents involving life-threatening and permanent injuries, to lesser, but still serious cases where your injury has brought you back and neck pain — not to mention the inevitable mounting medical bills.

    Let me begin by saying that even though you may not know it, you have the right to be reimbursed for your medical expenses, lost wages, permanent injury, mental anguish, and for your pain and suffering.

    But to be honest with you, right now is a critical time. Because it’s all too easy to unknowingly make some common mistakes which could be very costly to you . . . both in terms of your health and any potential personal injury damage claim you might have.

    Here’s what I mean.

    I’ll Help You Get Fair Compensation

    As I’m sure you know, your insurance company and the other person’s (or company’s) insurance company are the most important  players here. It’s quite possible that they’ll try to get you to settle right away.

    They may put a legal waiver and a cash settlement offer in front of you right away. In cases like this, accepting an offer too soon is almost always a serious mistake.

    Why? Several reasons. Because their offer probably does not have your interest at heart. In fact, you may be due thousands more than you think you have coming. A quick settlement offer is often a sign that they know you have a case, and they want to get rid of you as quickly (and as cheaply) as possible.

    Without being disrespectful to the insurance industry, the simple truth is that their primary interest is themselves. They are a business, and their business is to turn a profit from their insurance fees, and pay out as little as they can.. If you ask them what a fair settlement should be, odds are you won’t get a straight answer.

    But you will from me.

    Get Legal Help When You Need It Most

    Getting you a settlement which fairly repays you for your pain and injuries after your Kansas City auto accident is what I do for a living.

    We deal with all the issues for you, so you have as few hassles and frustrations as possible.

    In essence, I lend a hand to people, like yourself, who have been injured in auto accidents that were someone else’s fault.

    I know the all the steps to take and the kind of evidence to collect to get you the fairest settlement possible. Equally as important, I have many negotiating strategies to use with the at-fault party, their attorneys, and their insurance company. I’ve done so successfully countless times in my years of working on Massachusetts auto accident cases almost exclusively.

    It may interest you to know that I also act as an arbitrator in cases between other attorneys  and their clients and the insurance companies. So I know the system backwards and forwards, and I know exactly what’s a fair deal, and what isn’t.

    In  my years of experience working on these auto accident cases (it accounts for over 90% of my legal practice),  I’ve created a system to use to make sure that you’ll get all the money damages you are due.

    I’ll handle all the paperwork. You won’t have to worry about a single medical bill.

    If you hire me as your attorney, my office will go to work for you on all aspects of your case. All medical bills will be forwarded to me, and I’ll make sure they get paid. I’ll handle the negotiations with the insurance companies of course, but also with the doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and any other medical practitioners who are taking care of you.

    Your only job will be to take care of  yourself and your medical needs. Get yourself on the road to recovery after your accident. That’s always the most important thing that I tell my clients.

    All aspects of your accident case will be handled for you.

    With my system I’m able to take your case, and thoroughly work through every aspect – all the paperwork, evidence preparation, documentation, and more –  without you having to deal with the details of all these elements.

    I’ll build the strongest possible case for you. Which is extremely important because you’ll only get one chance to settle and receive your money damages. You see . . .

    Once you settle your case, it’s finished. It’s over. And you won’t be able to get anything else.

    And because I don’t represent insurance companies I only look out for your interests. If you have serious injuries from your auto accident, serious money may be at stake.

    And if I have to be a bare-knuckles fighter to get you fairly compensated, I’ll do it. (Understand though, I’m not out to get insurance companies. I don’t believe in unfairly gouging them – I just want to make sure you get a full and fair settlement. Conversely, I will firmly protect your interests and fight, if necessary, to make sure you get the full money damages to which you are entitled.)

    I could go on and on about strategies for getting the best and fairest settlement for my MO and KS auto accident injury clients, but there are simply too many different variables to discuss them all here. And I haven’t told you about the special considerations if you were a pedestrian, if your accident involved an uninsured motorist, a borrowed car, if you were a passenger in a car, and a myriad of other situations that we can deal with when we speak about the specifics of your case.

    If all of this sounds very involved, that’s because often it is. Which means you can reduce your stress level by getting competent legal help to handle your KS auto accident or MO truck accident compensation claim for you. To have someone fighting on your side against the big insurance companies.

    A Special Offer For You — A FREE hour with an experienced Kansas City Auto Accident Attorney

    I’m offering a free consultation to you, with absolutely no obligation.

    I’m willing to buy you an hour of my time to discuss anything that may concern you about the settlement aspects of your Kansas City auto accident case. It’s a chance for you to understand the process and the value I can bring to your case.

    By coming in for a free, case review, you’ll learn how we can:

    • handle the bills you’ll soon be receiving and get your life back in order,

    • get you the treatment you need,

    • what your rights are,

    • and what you need to do to ensure that your settlement is fair to you.

    You’ll not only learn how you’ll be able to pay for your medical bills, but I’ll also talk to you about  the other biggest mistakes that injured people most commonly make . . . and how to avoid them. I’ll give you the benefit of my experience, earned from working on Missouri auto accident injury cases every day for years.
    But perhaps most of all, I’ll listen to you and I’ll objectively and candidly answer the many questions you must have

    As I’ve said, I will  take all the paperwork and hassle out of the process for you, but I won’t leave you out of the loop. After all, it’s your case and ultimately everything is your decision.

    My job is to be an unwavering advocate for you. I’ll tell you exactly what I think and give you my best advice, and the benefit of my experience every step of the way. I’ll answer every question you have so that you are comfortable with the process and my approach.

    All I’m saying is that I think you owe it to yourself to get more information, and I humbly, but confidently believe I’ve got that kind of information to provide.

    At the end of our hour you can make a decision. You will determine if we fit with one another–if we are in agreement in the philosophy of how I would handle your case and what you want to accomplish. If we agree on a strategy of fair, but hard-nosed negotiations with the insurance companies. If we are . . . you can hire me at that time. If you do, I’ll get right to work on the details needed to fairly settle your auto accident injury claims.

    If you are considering trying to fight your case without an attorney,  at the very least, contact me to discuss your case first.

    If you don’t want to hire me, at least you will have learned what your rights are, and you’ll have picked up some helpful advice from a Kansas City personal injury attorney with a lot of experience in auto accident injury cases. If I do take your case, it will be handled strictly on a contingency basis, which means that you’ll only pay me a part of the settlement you receive.

    Whatever you decide after our meeting, you have no further obligation to me.

    So please call me now at (888)877-1866 to set up your case review.  The minimum you’ll walk away with is some free advice from an attorney who does this for a living. You have nothing to lose.

    If  you want some straight answers to your most pressing legal questions concerning your Kansas City auto accident, give me a call now.


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